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2018-2019 New England Regional Volleyball Association Club Season:


NERVA is the governing body of club volleyball in the New England Region. NERVA oversees and runs the regional tournaments throughout the winter. NERVA runs five (5) single day events and two (2) weekend tournaments that boys' teams throughout New England participate in. 

Tournament information (Which age group/where/when) for the boys' season can be found on SportWrench.






*More in depth results (pools, scores, etc.) can be found here*

18's Club:

2nd: Mill City 18 Adidas (Gold)

3rd: Pioneer Valley 18 Tyler (Gold)

9th: Mill City 18 Blue (Gold)

9th: Pioneer Valley 18 Stu (Gold)

13th: Mass Mayhem 18-1 (Silver)

13th: Western Mass 18 Gold (Silver)

15th: Western Mass 18 Black (Silver)

17th: Slam 18 Black (Silver)

17th MGA 18's Gabby (Silver)

21st: Slam 18 Red (Bronze)

21st: Unity 18-1 (Bronze)

17's Club:

2nd: Mill City 17 Adidas (Gold)

3rd: Smash 17 Chaos (Gold)

11th: Pioneer Valley 17 Jeff/Ben (Bronze)

16's Club:

3rd: Smash 16's Fire (Gold)

7th: Mill City 16 Adidas (Gold)

13th: Smash 16's Fire (Bronze)